La Joia, AureaVox, 2017

Works by Tansman, Mertz, Rodrigo, Asencio

„The three Mertz pieces are sung with intensity, and a deep romance can be felt in each”.

 „The five movements of Asencio are brought to life in a musical performance which will move listeners”.

Seiichi Nakazato, Gendai Guitar Magazine, Tokyo, Japan

„An elegant and refined repertoire”

„Great interpretation of the three pieces by Schubert”

„A young guitarist with great future”

Ana R. Colmenarejo, Meloman Digital, Madrid, Spain

„An excellent sense of Tansman’s style”.

„The well-known Schubert song Lob der Thraenen – its pure romantism sounds exceptionally beautifuf under the fingers of the sensitive performer who knows how to bring out and emphasize that beauty. The listeners’s attention is drawn by the soft an long sound of the instrument, wonderful lyrical expression and beautiful suspensions.

 „Chwastyk’s playing is characterized by great flexibility of phrasing, melodiousness and long sound”. „This first, very successful CD by the artist can certainly be strongly recommended. These are 56 minutes of fascinating, narratively captivating music including original pieces for the guitar and F. Schubert’s vocal miniatures transcibed successfully and with passion by J.K. Mertz.”

(Krzysztof Nieborak, Nowa Muza, Poland)